Visiting With Little Ones

Last Updated:April 24, 2024
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Visiting With Little Ones Visiting With Little Ones
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Bringing Your Own

If you have an infant, then bringing your own stroller is most likely the best option. At that stage a stroller tends to be more than just a transportation device. It’s more like a mobile command center. Your stroller can travel with you on any of Silver Dollar City’s trams or busses. Just be prepared to fold it up for the ride. While you’re in the park, your stroller can go with you into most shops, eateries and even some theaters. There will be times when you will need to leave your stroller outside. Don’t worry – it will be safe while you’re away. Please just be sure to err on the safe side and take any valuables with you.


Single strollers are available to rent for $23 per day and doubles are just $27 per day. Renting can be super convenient when your kids are a little older and you don’t want to drag a stroller to and from your visit. Strollers are made of hard plastic and include a sunshade and two pouches on the back for storing small items. Strollers can be reserved in advance or a limited number can be rented at the Silver Dollar City Rentals Booth on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Some guests prefer bringing a wagon to a stroller. This is perfectly acceptable. Just keep in mind that, depending on the size, some wagons may not be transportable on a tram or bus, so be prepared to walk it from parking to the front gate.


Keep your belongings safe and move them with you throughout the park all day. Lockers are only $12 per day to access locations throughout the park.

Lockers are available for rent near the Ticket Booths, Hospitality House Restrooms, Hannah's Ice Cream Parlor, American Plunge Bridge, Mystic River Falls, Riverfront Playhouse and Thunderation. Lockers measure 11” high X 10 ½” wide X 20” deep.

Only one location can be used at a time. Pin code will be given at time of initial purchase and will be used throughout the day. Locker must be completely emptied before moving on to the next location. The park is not responsible for items left unattended.

Please note: Family-sized lockers located behind the ticket booths are not included. These all-day family-sized lockers (16” high X 10 ½” wide X 20” deep) are $16 for unlimited entries to one locker per day.

Mother's Nursing Stations

Mother's Nursing Stations offer a quiet area to care for your child's needs. Silver Dollar City provides Nursing Stations throughout the park. They are located by the restrooms at Red Gold Heritage Hall, Fireman's Landing®, The Giant Barn Swing and PowderKeg®.

Baby Changing Stations

Baby Changing Stations are also available in the Mother's Nursing Stations located at the Hospitality House, Red Gold Heritage Hall and PowderKeg®. Diaper dispensers are available in restrooms located at the Hospitality House, Red Gold Heritage Hall, Riverfront Playhouse and at The Giant Barn Swing Mother's Nursing Station.

Family Assist Restrooms

Family assist or companion restroom facilities feature their own private entrance. They are available at Thunderation, Red Gold Heritage Hall, across from Crossroads Pizza and First Aid.



Measuring Station

Avoid unnecessary tears by heading to the Official Measuring Station in Fireman's Landing before you start hitting rides with the little ones. Not only will your child feel like a big shot because of the special treatment, they’ll also get a cool color-coded wristband and a list of all the fun rides they can participate in.

Rider Swap

You don’t have to miss out on your favorite thrill rides just because your kids aren’t quite ready for them. Guests with children not meeting height requirements may enjoy rides by notifying the greeter at the ride of their situation. One adult will be allowed to ride while the second waits with kid(s). On the following ride cycle, the adults will “swap” places. Due to the nature of high thrill rides, guests will not be permitted to ride consecutively.




Silver Dollar City has lots of great food and snack options, but you’re welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages into the park with you. Coolers are allowed as well with two considerations: Silver Dollar City does not allow alcoholic beverages of any kind and, for safety reasons, we ask that you do not bring glass containers into the park.

Kids Meals

Keep your kiddos fueled up for their day of fun with delicious kid’s meals available at the following locations: Wagon Works Grill, Lumbercamp Restaurant, Rivertown Smokehouse, Buckshot's Skillet and Lady Liberty Dining Pavilion.


We understand that many families need to consider food allergies and sensitivities when choosing what to eat. Please ask the friendly staff at any eatery and they will help you with ingredient information so you can make the appropriate choices. Allergen-free options are available.

You’re going to have a great day at Silver Dollar City! Visit for even more helpful planning info.

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