Striking Gold: The Sweet Story Behind Silver Dollar City's Famous Treat

Last Updated:April 24, 2024
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Striking Gold: The Sweet Story Behind Silver Dollar City's Famous Treat Striking Gold: The Sweet Story Behind Silver Dollar City's Famous Treat

Here’s some food for thought: Whether you’re a coaster-riding thrill-seeker or a slower-pace show lover, fans of Silver Dollar City can all meet in the middle at mealtime. The park’s palette is as eclectic as its 40+ attractions.

Browns Candy Factory Browns Candy Factory

The hard-to-resist scents of The City have become icons on their own. The smell of savory skillets as you walk through the park overlaps with the wonderful waft of our famous Cinnamon Bread. There are stashes of stories about our culinary creations tucked in each nook and cranny of Silver Dollar City. One of the sweetest—and tastiest—tales took shape before we even had a candy store

Fools Gold Chest Fools Gold Chest
Chocolate Fools Gold Chocolate Fools Gold

There is such fun history behind our Fools Gold and the vintage trunk that holds it. The recipe’s roots take us back to 1967, seven years after Silver Dollar City opened and one year before we built Brown’s Candy Factory. One of our visiting craftsmen that fall was a candy maker named Mr. Paul Davis. He was known for his “sponge candy” which was sort of like brittle but was thick and puffy. He playfully named it Fools Gold.

June Ward June Ward

The clever name and the quirky candy maker caught the eye of staff at The City. They told the park’s owners, the Herschend family, all about it! Miss Sherry Herschend found an old trunk and the park’s theme master Andy Miller decorated it with rocks and gold paint. Guests LOVED buying Fools Gold from the trunk during festivals.

Browns Candy Factory Sign Browns Candy Factory Sign

The next year, when Brown’s Candy Factory officially opened, the first candy sold was Mr. Davis’ Fools Gold! To this day, that old trunk still holds our sweet treat and now you know its sweet secret

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